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7 Must-Know Bulk Bag Filler Guidelines

2024-04-09 13:45:01
7 Must-Know Bulk Bag Filler Guidelines

7 Things You Need to Know before Using a Bulk Bag Filler

Have you been sick and tired of filling products with small bags? Would you like to save yourself work and time in packing your products or services? If yes, it's also important to learn about bulk bag fillers. These JCN machines could fill jumbo bags which quickly can be large your item, making your packaging process most efficient. However, before utilizing a bulk bag filler, you ought to know of certain guidelines to make sure safety, quality, and performance. Listed here are seven must-know guidelines for making use of bulk bag.

Advantages of Bulk Bag Fillers

One of the significant advantages of utilizing bulk bag fillers is the rate of filling bags. It is possible to load a big amount of at once, making the procedure quick and simple. In addition, bulk bag fillers could hold most product than old-fashioned bags, making transport better, reducing labor costs, and space increasing ability. The bulk bags are resistant and also durable to dampness, allowing your bulk bag filling machine products or services or services to help keep safeguarded throughout transport.


Innovation in Bulk Bag Fillers

The bulk bag packaging machine is a large-scale weighing filling equipment. It is a multi-purpose packaging machine that integrates electronic weighing with load cell, automatic bag release, and dust removal. It has a high degree of automation, high packaging accuracy, adjustable packaging speed, and superior structure. It is very convenient for subsequent processes.

To suits most light powder products, JCN also developed a new type bulk bag filling machine to solve the powder dust problem and compact the products by using bottom filling and degassing method.

Safety Guidelines

Safety is vital once making use Bulk bag fillers . Employees must put appropriate individual protective products like attention and ear protection, a dirt mask, and gloves. The machine must be frequently inspected to make certain which it is who is working fit and all safety mechanisms are offered in place. Workers has to be acceptably trained on how to the office the machine and stick into the maker's guidelines and instructions.

How to Use the Bulk Bag Filler

1.  Operator shall manually feed the empty bulk bag to the filling chute of the bulk bag filler and hang the loops.

2.  After press the start button, machine will first inflate the bulk bag and discharge the products.

3.  During the filling process, the touch screen will auto indicates the filling weight till the target weight reaches.

4.  When the process completed, the machine will auto release the bulk bag and the loops, operator uses forklift to take away the filled bag.

Service and Maintenance

To guarantee the machine's constant performance and longevity, regular maintenance and servicing are anticipated.The Bulk bag filling machine need be regularly inspected and cleaned to eradicate any dust or debris. Any section which are damaged components is repaired or replaced quickly. The machine need stay lubricated, and the operational hydraulic system be examined. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's recommended service and maintenance routine.


Quality and Application

In order to make it easier and more efficient for customers to use the ton bag packaging machine, JCN’s bulk bag filler adopts below configurations to ensure the machine quality.

1.  Main body structure adopts 100×100mm square tube;

2.  Mettler-Toledo load cell and weighing instrument;

3.  SMC pneumatic components;

4.  Siemens PLC & touch screen.

JCN also provides 12 months’ guarantee and life-long service to assist customer if any problems occurred that customer can not handle.