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How to select a suitable weighing bagging scale

2024-04-25 15:51:58
How to select a suitable weighing bagging scale

Weighing bagging scale is one of the equipment that plays an important role in the packaging process of granular and powder products. It can accurately measure the weight of products and help ensure the quality and compliance of product packaging. When choosing a weighing scale for different packaging needs, we need to consider several key factors.

First, we need to consider the type of product being packaged. Different product types have packaging scales with different feeding mechanisms. For example, granular products like plastic pellets, organic fertilizer, aniaml food, sugar...can generally choose packaging scales with gravity, gravity plus vibration and belt-type feeding mechanisms; powder products like food additives, seasoning powders, milk powder, API powder...can generally choose packaging scales with two feeding methods: dual screw type and vertical auger filler.

Secondly, we should choose the suitable bagging scale based on different packing weight or bag types. Ie, open mouth bagging scale is suitable for 5kg-50kg open mouth bag weighing packing, and bulk bag filler is suitable for 500kg-1000kg jumbo bag weighing filling.


In addition, the types of packaging scales are determined according to different packaging capacity and budget needs. If our packaging capacity is high and our budget is sufficient, we can choose a net weight packaging scale; if our production capacity is low and our budget is insufficient, we can choose a gross weight packaging scale.


Above are the key factors that need to be taken into account before choosing a suitable weighing bagging scale.

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