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Weighing Bagging Machine

Weighing Bagging Machine

Bottom Filling Weighing Scale

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The semi-automatic bottom-up flling packing machine can automatically clamp and lift up the empty bag through a servo motor control system,

start filling weighed product by the load cell from the bottom of the empty bag and slowly down during the filling process till the target weight.

During filling, the four dust collecting pipes will collect the raised dust and back-fill into the feeding bin, so that it can keep a dust-free packing environment,

ensuring operators safety. Meanwhile it can also reduce the raw material waste.

If the product has a high air content, the degassing so called de-aeration can be adopted to take out the air inside product during filling process and

compact the filled product inside the bag.


It is especially suitable for high-precision packing of dusty and light powders with high air content such as active pharmaceutical ingredients, non-diary

creamer, active carbon powder, pigments and food additives...


Model DCS-38-100B-CLX-DM(*) DCS-38-100C-CLX-DM(*)
Hopper volume 38L/100L 38L/100L
Packing weight 5-50KG 5-50KG
Packing accuracy ±0.2% ±0.2%
Packing speed 1-6bag/min 1-5bag/min
Power 12KW 13.5KW
Power supply 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Machine weight 430KG 510KG

(*)100B model is bottom-up filling, 100C model is bottom-up filling with degassing.

Competitive Advantage:

1. Split type feeding silo and quick release assembly screw, easy and fast cleaning without dead ends.

2. Load cell metering, fast filling speed and high precision.

3. Touch screen man-machine interface makes operation convenient, and the filling specification can be adjusted arbitrarily.

4. Servo motor driving the feeding auger.

5. Adopted dust collecting device, ensuring dust-free filling process.

6. Optional degassing function can maximumly reduce the material air content for compact packaging.