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Auto Bag Placer

Auto Bag Placer

JCN-G1-1A Auto Bag Placer

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The fully automatic bagging machine is widely used in various open-mouth bags to fully realize the automatic supply function of packaging bags.

Different materials can be filled with different packaging filling and metering methods to meet the requirements. The new design concept of bag supply,

filling and measurement is integrated, and the production efficiency and safety are further improved on the basis of the automatic supply function of the bag to solve the manual bagging.


Used for solids & powder products auto bagging, such as fertilizer, plastic resins, wheat flours, food additives, milk powder, premix, API raw materials...etc.


Material status



Superfine powder

Filling method


Dual screw/vertical auger 

Bottom-up/bottom-up degassing 

Filling speed




Weighing range




Air consumption

800 NL/min

600 NL/min

960 NL/min

Bag Size

Width:380~550mm, length:700~1050mm

Bag material

Multi-layer kraft paper bag, laminated woven bag, PE plastic bag, paper-plastic woven bag, aluminum film bag

Competitive Advantage:

1. Modular design, the overall structure is smaller than old type auto bag placer.

2. Available for contact material part SS304 & fully SS304 material.

3. Equip with platform, height wheel adjustable inner filled bag conveyor to suits different bag sizes.

4. Color touch screen operation with alarm light, easy to check the malfunction.

5. Replace manual bagging with accurate and reliable mechanical operation realizing high degree of automation, high production efficiency.

6. The equipment can work with gross type or net type weighing scale, and strive to achieve the best system performance.

7. It can Provide professional solutions for various packaging bags, such as plastic bags, laminated woven bags, multi-layer kraft paper bags, etc.

8. The double-station bag supply tray and automatic bag supply alternately ensure uninterrupted operation of bag supply device. Stable and reliable

operation, convenient maintenance.'