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Robotic Palletising System

Robotic Palletising System

Robotic Palletising

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The robotic palletizers are the most efficient robotic cells for virtually any product palletizing need. We have combined our innovative engineering and control capabilities with our leading-edge handling technology to offer the best solution for a diverse range of palletising applications.

The heavy-duty robotic cell can simultaneously gather various types of products from many different incoming product lines. It can be configured to fit in confined spaces and stands out in the market for its wide flexibility of use and low maintenance requirements.

The customized gripper allows it satisfy the many different palletisation requirements of modern packaging installations.


Applicable for various kinds of open mouth bags, drums, carton boxes product fast and flexibility palletising.


Model ABB IRB460 ABB IRB660 ABB IRB760
Payload 110kg 180/250kg 450kg
Working radius 2400mm 3150mm 3200mm
Machine weight 925kg 1750kg 2310kg
Repeatability 0.2 0.05 0.03
Power 3.67 2.36 2.75
Protection IP67 IP67 IP67
Working temperature 0-45℃ 0-50℃ 0-45℃
Cycle/hr(within 60kg) 2190 1570/1360 1500

Competitive Advantage:

1. Simple structure, easy in installation and maintation.

2. Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts...

3. Applied for various kinds of product with different stacking styles palletising.

4. Less space taking and more flexiable, accurate compared to the traditional manual palletising.

5. Replace manual working and reducing labour cost, increase productivity.

6. Customized gripper for different products.