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Powder Material Handling Equipment

Powder Material Handling Equipment

Automatic Bag Slitting Machine

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Automatic bag slitting machine is suitable for the continuous and dust-free cutting various types of single or multi-layered bags, such as karft paper bags, film coated PP woven bags, Aluminum film bag and thick pure PE bags. Whether lightly or densely filled with granular or powdered products, can be cut and emptied without problems. Standard operation will handle approximately 200 bags per hour, however, depending on the properties of the product and the condition of the bags.


Apply to various kinds of 20-30kg bags, such as Multi-layer paper bag, PE bag, Paper plastic woven bag, Aluminum film bag to accomplish bag auto cutting and dumping in food, feed, Pharm and chemical industry.


Capacity Max 200 bags/h
Bag weight 20-30 kg
Dump type Auto cutting & dumping
Bag types Multi-layer kraft paper bag, PE bag,  woven bag, aluminum film bag, etc
Bag size Min 350*500*100mm, Max 450*800*160mm
Powder yield 99.8%-99.9%
Machine material SS304

Competitive Advantage:

1. Compact design for easy position setting and space saving.

2. Auto bag surface dust blowing and collecting.

3. Continuous production to inclrease productivity.

4. An simple internal structure is also very easy for cleaning and maintenance.

5. Sieving function adopted.

6. User friendly HMI, easy to operate.

7. Waste bags are flattened by the roller and automatically removed.

8. Auto unpalletising system or manual feed product is available.