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Powder Material Handling Equipment

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The bulk bag unloader known as jumbo bag unloading machine lifts the jumbo bag to the feeding port through an electric hoist or forklift, presses the bag, opens the unloading port of the ton bag, and is supplemented by a tapping device or vibration device to urge the materials to fall into the lower hopper. Ton bag unpacking machine is widely used in food, chemical, plastic, lithium battery, new materials and other industries to unpack and unload the powder and granular materials packaged per ton.


Powder Granule Material Bulk Bag Discharge Station Dust Free Big Bag Unloader Machine is mainly used for unpacking and unloading big bags of granular and powdery materials in food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, rubber and plastic industry, energy batteries industry, paint industry, etc.


Model JCN-XL1000-H/F
Lifting capacity 10-20bags/hr
Lifting method Hoist/Forklift(option)
Frame tube 80*80*2 square tube
Bag clamping method Pneumatic clamping
Air consumption 0.3m³/min
Air pressure 0.2-0.6Mpa
Power 1.5kw

Competitive Advantage:

1.Heavy duty square tub frame

2.Hoist and trolley style lifting the jumbo bag

3.Pneumatic type massaging system

4.Customized for various bag sizes

5.Simple structure design,easy operation