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Powder Material Handling Equipment

Powder Material Handling Equipment

Linear Screener

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The linear screener uses a motor as a vibration source to throw the material on the screen and move forward in a straight line at the same time. The material enters the feed port of the screening machine evenly from the feeder, and produces several specifications of ground through the multi-layer screen. The upper material and the lower material are discharged from their respective outlets.


1.Chemical industry (fertilizers, resins, melamine, soda ash, etc.)

2.Food (starch, salt, sugar, etc.)


Capacity 7T/h
Rotating Speed 1450RPM
Motor Power 2✖1.5KW
Vibration Motor 2PCS
Exciting Force 30KN
Double Amplitude 3-5mm
Number Of Screen Layers 1 Layer
Screen Structure Woven Mesh
Dynamic Load 1500N
Static Load 5760N
Dimensions 5000*900*1315mm

Competitive Advantage:

1.Small size, light weight and simple structure;
2.Easy to install and maintain;
3.Low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low cost;
4.High screening accuracy;
5.It can be designed as a fully enclosed structure without dust pollution and is conducive to environmental protection;
6.Various screens can be replaced and have a long service life;
7.It can be used in assembly line operations to achieve automated production.