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Bag Closing Machine

Bag Closing Machine

Envelope Bag Sealing Machine

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This seres of machines adopts the advanced technology of photoelectricity, which can automatically open the bag according to the programming, pre-heat seal the inner bag, heat seal the inner bag, fold the edge line, fold the bag mouth, heat seal, press process, there is an alarm prompt for each process failure.


FBP series envelop bag automatic heat sealing machine is suitable for the folding of paper bags and mult-layer paper bags, heating, pressing or pre- heating of liner bags, heat sealing and folding of outer bags, heating, pressing and other packaging.


Model FBP-S FBP-4W
Bag types Three-layer paper bag Three-layer paper bag lined with PE or composite bag
Speed 0-10m/min 0-10m/min
Fold width 50mm 50mm
Convey power 0.37kw 0.75kw
Air consumption 400NI/min 800NI/min
Heat power 2.25KW 6.45KW
Dimensions 2320× 1250× 1725(mm) 3664× 1280× 1790(mm)
Weight 280kg 350kg

Competitive Advantage:

1.Hot air and heating block temperature is adjustable between 100 to 350 degree.

2. Drive chain speed is adjustable between 6 to 12m/min.

3. Paper bag packaging in this way, good packaging fastness, good sealing performance, dustproof moisture proof, mildew proof anti-pollution, so that the package is properly protected.

4.All models sealing head height adjustable to suits different bag length.