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The IMS heat sealing machine can realize continuous and rapid heat sealing of PE heavy film bag mouths. It uses pulse signals to control the temperature, so the temperature adjustment is very fast. Suitable for heat sealing of various PE heavy film bags. The sealing height is adjustable and takes up little space. The width of the heating wire is 5mm. It is equipped with a heating wire protection device. It has low power and fast heat sealing speed. It is suitable for rapid production requirements.


Suitable for PE heavy film bags.


Model IMS
Heating width 5mm
Impulse control Temperature control
Heating block stoke 450mm
Maximum bag width 460mm
Conveyor speed 6mm/s, 8mm/s, 10mm/s, 12mm/s, 14mm/s, 16mm/s
Sealing time 3.9s/2.78s/2.1s/1.65s/1.33s/1.09s
Capacity 600bags/h, 800bags/h, 1000bags/h, 1400bags/h, 1600bags/h

Competitive Advantage:

1. Suitable for PE heavy film bags.

2. When the speed of the machine is convenient with the conveyor, the machine performs continues heat sealing.

3. Working speed adjustable.

4. Impulse sealer ensures rapid heat up and can start operation in a short time.

5. Low power consumption,small space occupied.

6. Use polytetrafluoroethylene film to protect the heating tube.