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Bag Closing Machine

Bag Closing Machine

Heating Sewing Crepe Machine

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This series of machines can automatically complete the dust removal (optional), heating, thread trimming, sewing, paper cutting and counting of packaging bags according to the program.


FBK series sealing and sewing automatic packaging machine is suitable for packaging heavy-duty large bags with a weight of 25~50kg. It is suitable for packaging single (multi-layer) kraft paper bags, paper-plastic (PE) composite bags or paper-plastic woven composite bags, etc.


Model FBK-23DC FBK-24DC
Power supply AC 380/50 220/50(V/HZ) AC 380/50 220/50(V/HZ)
Total power 5kw 6kw
Transmission power 0.75kw
Sewing machine drive power 0.37kw
Heating power 3KW 4KW
Dust removal power 0.75kw
Sealing speed 8.5(Customize upper limit 11)
The distance from the sealing center to the ground 800-1400mm
Minimum height from material to bag mouth 180mm
Temperature control range 0-400℃
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Net weight 400kg 500kg

Competitive Advantage:

1.The series has 9 standard models, providing users with a wide range of choices.

2.This series of models adopts advanced technology of optical, mechanical and electrical integration to achieve automation and high efficiency.

3.The packaging bag that has been sealed, sewn, wrapped with paper tape, and hot-pressed has excellent sealing performance and can prevent dust, moth, and pollution, so that the packaging is properly protected.