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Bag Closing Machine

Bag Closing Machine

Heating Sewing Over Taping Machine

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JBF-Z series automatic heavy-duty plastic bags sealing performance quality, and efficient, continuous seal thick PE or PP plastic bags, and paper-plastic composite bags, plastic bags; Can auto complete the process of bag mouth dust removal (Optional), trimming, sewing, tape over-wrapping, heating,  pressing and counting.


Multi-layer paper bag, Paper PE compound bag, AL-PE inner liner bag or PE bag. etc. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries products bag closing and sealing.


Model JBF-ZB
Sealing speed 7-10m/min
Machine height to ground 800-1700mm adjustable
Packaging product to bag mouth distance Min 250mm
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Transmission power 0.75kw
Heating temperature 0~400℃
Sewing power 0.4kw
Bag mouth cleaning power 1.5KW(option)
Heating power 6kw
Air consumption 3.5NL/min

(*) The melting point of the outer bag is 140℃-150℃, and the melting point of the inner bag is 100℃ (the temperature difference between the inner and outer bags is 30-50℃ or more).

Competitive Advantage:

1. Easy to install and simple to maintain.

2. Suitable for various bag specifications.

3. Various models are availbe for different types of bag heating and closing.

4. This unit uses a controller, motor frequency conversion speed controller, and heating system detection device to form the main body of the control system to achieve coordinated control of the entire heat sealing machine.