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This series of multifunctional air-extraction modified atmosphere packaging machines have complete functions and can be used for gap single-piece air-sealing packaging, or for packaging filled with inert gas after vacuuming. This machine adopts an external pumping double exhaust nozzle mechanism, which is not limited by the size of the vacuum chamber and has a wide range of applications.


Suitable for single product intermittent package, also suitable for inert gas flush after vacuum pack. It is suitable for packaging items with low vacuum requirements and high aeration purity.


Model DZQ-600L(/S)
Power supply AC 380/50 220/50(V/HZ)
Vacuum pump motor power 750W
Heat sealing power 600W
Heating length 600/800/1000(mm)
Heating width 10mm
Distance from sealing center to ground 900-1250mm
Vacuum pump exhaust volume 20 (m3/h)
Film thickness (single layer) ≤ 0.18mm
Dimensions 1125*1070*2150mm
Net weight About 325 KG

Competitive Advantage:

1.Double gas nozzle structure, no limit for chamber size, suitable for not high vacuum pack requirement, high inert gas flush requirement.

2.Machine head height adjustable.

3.The sealing length can be customized to be 1000mm according to customer's request.

4.Powder mesh≥100, can use spiral sediment filter to recycle material and protect vacuum nozzles.