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Rice bag sewing machine

Sewing the Rice perfect bags Our Amazing Rice Bag Sewing Machine

Are you fed up with badly sewn and simply torn rice bags? Would you like to experience the features of our Rice Bag Sewing Machine? JCN rice bag sewing machine a forward thinking and safe unit that can help you sew completely sealed and durable rice bags.


Take a look at about the top advantages of our Rice Bag Sewing Machine. First, it saves you time and effort because it can sew bags faster and much more accurately than manual stitching. Second, it yields results that are top-notch a strong and stitch neat prevents leakage and harm. Third, JCN industrial bag sewing machine provides versatility, helping you to sew not simply rice bags and also other styles of bags such as flour bags, cement bags, and fertilizer bags.

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How exactly to Use Rice Bag Sewing Machine:

1. Ready your case and thread.

2. Adjust the stitch tension and length dependent upon your bag's thickness.

3. Load the full case to the JCN industrial bag closer.

4. Start the equipment and guide the bag while sewing.

5. Cut the thread and take the bag away from the machine.


We provide exemplary customer service to make sure that the ability is got by you most appropriate and value for your investment. Our service includes installation free training on how exactly to use the JCN automatic bag sewing machines. We also offer upkeep and repair services to help keep your machine in good shape.


We pride ourselves in supplying Rice Bag Sewing Machine that meet or exceed industry standards. Our JCN automatic bag closer machine are made of high-grade materials, and now we subject them to testing examination rigorous launch. We offer a warranty to cover any defects or malfunctions inside an interval specified.

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